Spirulina Benefits

The spirulina benefits cannot be overemphasized especially on people’s health.  Spirulina is single-celled microscopic blue-green algae whose scientific name is arithrospira platensis. Basically, spirulina is considered as food rich in proteins; 70% of its contents are proteins and that is why is very beneficial on one’s health. Besides proteins, spirulina contains vitamin B12, fatty acids, amino acids, chlorophyll, and minerals, among other phytonutrients. This is almost a whole set of what a balanced diet requires. Therefore, eating spirulina alone is a sure way of providing your body with the necessary and vital nutrients for a healthy body.

Originally, spirulina was used as chicken and fish feed only to be discovered by health researchers that it contained nutrients that everybody looks for in order to maintain a healthy body.

Spirulina is also available in different forms including powder, capsules and flakes. This makes it possible to be taken by people of all ages; children, adults and aged.

Several research studies have been conducted on spirulina on its real composition and how each component contributes positively towards a person’s health. The following list has been found to be spirulina benefits from various studies conducted.

Spirulina Benefits -

Spirulina boosts the immune system of the body: with proteins dominating the spirulina composition, they are able to protect the body against external pathogens thus stabilizing the immune system of the body.

It boosts energy level by increasing the rate of metabolism hence more chemical reactions in the body occur at a relatively high rate.

Spirulina controls appetite: it produces anti-inflammatory chemicals that reduce inflammation and thus appetite is also reduced.

It improves digestion system. It cleanses blood in the body and increases the rate of chemical body reaction. This means that more compounds in the body are broken down including those involved in the digestion system.

Spirulina helps to reduce fatigue by producing antioxidants which reduces contraction of muscles

It boosts the functioning of the liver and kidney

It helps the heart function better

Spirulina cleanses the body due to its production of antioxidants in the body if consumed.

It fights cancer: spirulina produces body chemicals that attack tumor cells that cause cancer.

Spirulina is used for weight loss and that is why it is currently receiving positive response in most weight loss programs.

Spirulina also fights anaemia and other chronic disorders caused by arsenic poisoning.

Spirulina is also well known for fighting diabetes. It controls the blood sugar level in the body and effectively fights against type two diabetes.

It is also known as an anti-aging food. Its nutrients contain a lot of antioxidants which are easily digested and good for vision too. The nutrients replace worn out skin cells eliminating any signs of wrinkles.

With today’s environment being polluted with several toxins, our bodies are always exposed to health risks. However, spirulina has proved to remove these toxins from our bodies in a safe and simple way. Besides, it cleanses our body completely due to the phytonutrients it contains.

Therefore, spirulina promotes our health in different ways. It is among the rare species that is able to boost the immune system in many ways. So, due to spirulina benefits associated to this product, it is not a product to be ignored by anybody who is serious about their health.