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Spirulina Side Effects

┬áSpirulina is blue-green algae with various nutritional and health benefits but in this article we are dedicated to talking about the spirulina side effects. Essentially the health benefits of spirulina can’t be ignored by any person who has ever tried the product. We want to sure that we inform you about the health benefits of assorted products and any associated side-effects so that as you use the product you also know about both its negative and positive effects. This is a rare thing that is not done by many other health food blogs.

Spirulina contains diverse vitamins amino acids minerals and more than one hundred other nutrient elements. Each one of these elements has a nutritive value on one’s health and that is the reason why spirulina is typically put in food additions. It boosts the general body fitness and contentment by providing these necessary nutrients required by the body.

Nonetheless in spite of knowing the health advantages of spirulina we found it extremely necessary to inform our visitors about the possible complications of this product. The primary target being to make sure you have full information regarding the products so that when it’s used by you you know exactly what to expect. This could also help our visitors decide whether to use spirulina or not. Definitely if you see the spirulina side effects becoming unbearable do not force yourself to keep on using it. We wish to provide our visitors with complete info so as they can live healthy lives.

Some of the spirulina side effects -

As you use spirulina for its many health benefits it’s great to be aware of some of its associated risks. The following therefore are examples of the side-effects of spirulina orsuperfood as some people prefer to call it due to its composition of most all food components:

  • Thirst and constipation therefore you want to increase your water consumption while taking Spirulina.
  • Skin itching and other minor skin conditions like skin sores.
  • Some people experience stomach aches and other related stomach irritation. This is particularly seen if an enormous quantity of spirulina is eaten all at one time.
  • Nausea and dizziness.
  • Fever and loss of sleep. This is because spirulina contain roughly 70 proteins. During the breakdown of these proteins more heat is released from the body causing the fever.
  • Diminished liver and kidney functions. These are mainly experienced if spirulina is overdosed.
  • There also are some polluted spirulina products which contain heavy metals like lead cadmium and mercury. This lowers the quality of spirulina therefore underperforming as predicted and in turn causes side-effects. Ensure you check the source of your spirulina and ensure it’s been tested for contamination.
  • Some people may experience more weight gain when they begin to use spirulina but the weight rise is generally due to more accumulation of water in their bodies created by the spirulina.
  • Those with less blood cells also can suffer with frequent nasal bleeding when they use spirulina.

Generally spirulina side effects are caused by an individual being allergic to it. Overdosing on spirulina hasn’t yet been proven to cause side-effects though it is advised to visit your doctor for the dosage directions. Additionally the doctor will counsel you on which form of spirulina to take – capsules powder flakes or tablets. Nonetheless most of the spirulina side effects are an indication that it is working in the body.

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